Let's Make !t Possible

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15th March, 2012

From February 13th to March 10th, 2012, the students from ten schools located in Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci participated in a project called Make !t Possible. Eighteen students going to the second, third and fourth grade in Karlovačka gimnazija also took part in this project. It consisted of a series of seminars focusing on educating students about global issues, a fundraising party, and a closing conference, all of which were organised by AISEC.

AIESEC is the world’s largest global, non-political, independent, non-profit organisation in over one hundred and ten countries. What makes AIESEC outstanding is the fact that it is run by students for students in order to gain leadership skills, competences, experience, knowledge, and attitudes in a global learning environment and become responsible leaders.

Serbia has been a part of AIESEC since its very beginning, 60 years ago. There are nine local offices, out of which one is based in Novi Sad. This year, the office in Novi Sad has implemented five projects designed to encourage young people to improve themselves in various fields such as agriculture, ecology, and youth employment.

Make !t Possible is run with the aim to raise awareness among young people about global issues by connecting international students, students from Serbia, and partners in a unique favorable learning environment, and to influence young people to resolve the 8 Millennium Development Goals. The main goal of the project is to encourage students to improve themselves and have a positive impact on society, to create their own future, and not to adapt to change but to be the change they want to see in the world.

''By having a positive influence on young people and encouraging them to create their own future, we are on our way to create a more beautiful and better world,'' says Neda Kosorić, PR of the project.

Organising 10 seminars and educating over 200 students in Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci was the first part of the project. Some of the issues discussed during the seminars were severe poverty and famine, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS. What made these seminars so special were the refreshing games and workshop facilitators from Germany, Iran, Italy, Russia, and Turkey.

As a result of collaboration with the humanitarian campaign called ''Battle for Babies'', aimed at raising funds to purchase 100 new incubators for the smallest, youngest and most vulnerable citizens, AIESEC Novi Sad hosted a fundraising party on March 7th. They collected a little more than £200.

The closing conference took place in Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Grammar School on March 10th. Its goal was to gather together the most active students from the previously held seminars and pass the AIESEC members' knowledge to them. In the first part there was a retrospective presentation on making of Making !t Possible. The second part of the conference consisted of the workshops in which the students were taught how to be successful and indenpendent facilitators. They were taught how to facilitate and make an effective project presentation. Also, the students learnt which characteristics and skills make a competent facilitator. After that came the creative part in which everyone had to participate and give their best. The students had to create their own presentation and give it, after which they received their facilitator’s constructive critisism about the improvement of their skills. After these workshops every participant should be able to facilitate any project they choose to work on.

What is certain is that everyone who participated in the project did not only gain new knowledge, skills and competences, but also hope for a better tomorrow. In addition, they made long-lasting connections, and more imporantly - friends.

Ivana and Marina II-4

Photographs: Vanja II-4